can't load factory defaults on NX-8


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i did all as it said in manual CADDX NX-8//
ENTERING THE PROGRAM MODE: To enter the Program Mode, press [r]-[8]. At this time, the five function LEDs
(Stay, Chime, Exit, Bypass, & Cancel) will begin to flash. Next, enter the "Go To Program Code" (FACTORY
DEFAULT IS [9]-[7]-[1]-[3]). If the "Go To Program Code" is valid, the "Service" LED will flash and the five function
LEDs will illuminate steady. You are now in the Program Mode and ready to select the module to program.
but even when i press (* 8) i don't see the 5 service leds starting flash ..

I'm sure that all wire connections are right but still it works wrong from the beginning

it seems i missed one small but very important thing :)
and where can i find normal users manual .. the ones on oficial site - only confusing .. no much help at all
there is no normal users manual that I know of... the real one is confusing. Once you get used to it, its not bad, but initially it makes you wonder if you are doing it right or wrong...

I'm not sure why it doesn't work for you - you describe the method I use to get into programming mode via keypad. Maybe you have a different keypad? Mine came with the Fastpack - it's a NX-1448E Fixed English keypad.
The LEDs don't flash on mine, either. I have an NX-148E keypad, which gives you prompts as you enter the various codes, etc. I hit *8 and then it says "Please enter your code". I enter the go-to-program code, and I get into programming mode. Then it's just selecting the addresses you want to change followed by #, and plugging in the settings... then EXIT to exit and the system resets, which is signified by the sounder horn clicking and the panel blinking.
my keypad is 148E also .. so it means it could be without flashing the leds .. ок ..

one more question
i have reciever NX-408E-I .. it's DIP switch - 35 by default .. is it device(or module) №35?, i mean access to reciever through keypad 148E
for example //

* 8 // programming mode

9 7 1 3 // enter program code

35 ??! // enter device number .. ??! is device number equal to module number

1 .. 8, 194, 195 works only with entering #35 // enter location number
ok i did it with consultation by phone jf dealers engineer .. now it works fine

still .. i have trouble with connection wireless motion sensors .. i have 4, i already could force working 2 of them but i couldn't force them all to work simultaneously .. do i need to separate them during process of installation?
somebody please write detailed solution (step by step) how to install all of them!!!!!!
I don't do any wireless stuff with my Caddx NX8E system so I can't help you out. You may want to consider posting this question on THIS forum as well!