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Carrier Infinity to OmniPro - Temp Dropping out


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So, today I noticed something very odd.  I have a Carrier Inifinity system that includes the SAM module.  I have that going to an OmniPro II via serial.
The temperature shown in PC access and on the keypad will fluctuate from the real temp (71 degrees right now) then to 0.  Stays at 0 for a second or so (one poll cycle I would imagine) then it goes back to 71.  It's doing this every 30 seconds or so.  The temp showing on the Carrier wall control is not changing.
This of course causes all sorts of havoc with rules and programming...
Has anyone else noticed this?  OmniPro is on the final 4.0B, Carrier is on the following software versions:
Wall Control - Model SYSTXCCITC01-B - Version 131626-03.00
SAM - Model SYSTXCCRCT01 - Version CESR131439-04