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:) After two days of standing in the booth at CEDIA, my legs are giving way.

The show is great. A great turn out of people and of course the facilities are full of manufacturers.

CEDIA has a different crowd of people from the Security shows. They are wanting to install the best equipment because their customers have the money and demand the best. Equipment price is not nearly an issue as at the Security Trade Shows.

I have not been able to see the entire show yet, but I have observed:

Media Center Software is everywhere.

Plasma screens adorn every booth that is showing any kind of video.

Some of the new home theatre systems will absolutely blow you away in performance and high cost.

Lots of touch screens for home entertainment control.

Ted Singh with Embedded Automation who has "mControl", gave me a good demonstration of their software which uses Windows Media Center. They have some very interesting software for total home control. Keep your eye on them as they add more and more capability to their software. It looks good.

Got to see a first hand demonstration of Girder 4 from Promixis. I had downloaded a demo copy of their software before and had not unstood the power of their software until the demonstration. You have to see the screen editing software in action to understand the power of Girder 4 for home automation.

I would rate this show a close 10 on have to attend shows for home automation. I still have one more day (Sunday) to get out of the booth and learn about more toys.

Until later.
Sounds like it was a lot of fun, wish I could have made it! HGTV was showing a home theater show which focused on CEDIA, but I think it was last years.