CES 2005 Exclusive Update


Note: Here is an exclusive update on CES 2005 held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Information provided was per notes taken (very quickly) during interviews with the various representatives. Information was "thrown out" at a tremendous pace, thus trying to interpret notes afterward may provide some information that is incomplete or inaccurate. Please keep in mind that the intent of these updates is to introduce our members to new technology displayed at CES and not to provide a "detailed" review of the products themselves.

Hauppauge's Booth

I did a quick stop at Hauppauge's booth (forgot my camera this time though :( )

I picked up a brochure on their latest media graphic recorder/display cards as shown below.

(Click on Picture for Full Sized Image)

The two of particular interset (to me) were the Win-TV-PVR-350 and the Win-TV-PVR-500MCE.

The '350 has been dicussed here before and its features include FM Stereo, Record TV to disk, Video Ouptput via MPEG decoder, Hauppauge's remote control, etc...

The '500MCE has most of those features as well plus dual tuners. It has no remote, but you would probably use the one provided with Windows MCE anyway.

They also have a USB version as well.

I'm thinking about getting the '500MCE to play around with as well as Windows MCE in the near future (i.e. when money is available ;) ).