CES 2005 Exclusive Update


Note: Here is an exclusive update on CES 2005 held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Information provided was per notes taken (very quickly) during interviews with the various representatives. Information was "thrown out" at a tremendous pace, thus trying to interpret notes afterward may provide some information that is incomplete or inaccurate. Please keep in mind that the intent of these updates is to introduce our members to new technology displayed at CES and not to provide a "detailed" review of the products themselves.

Meedio's Booth

I stopped by Meedio's booth (on Thursday) and spoke with Victor Koosh, President and CEO of Meedio Software.

Meedio provides three products, Meedio Essentials, Meedio TV, and Meedio Housebot that offer home automation and home theater/multimedia solutions.

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Their Housebot Server offers hooks into common HA hardware such as the Ocelot. All their product lines are nicely priced as well.

I don't have more details on their products, but you can always to to their WEBSITE for further details (sorry, but it was towards the end of the day). I believe most of their software has a free trial period!
Got any more details on this one BSR? I have been curious about Meedio as it gets a lot of press on avsforum.com.

Since you have MainLobby - what comparison can you make?
Meedio is more a MCE clone than a touch screen interface, so I don't think you can compare it with Mainlobby. The software doesn't look t bad, but last time I tested it, they had no TV tuner software ready yet, hopefully they have figured that out, as the TV plugin for myHTPC wasn't that stable.