Coffee Company Tchibo Sells Low-Cost Vacuum Robot


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Tchibo, a major coffee chain in Germany, will be selling a € 89,90 (around $110 USD, source: robotic vacuum, which is supposed to be similar to the iRobot Roomba. According to the description on the product page, It has a 90 minute run time, 15V batteries, and a 3 year warranty. It has several sensors to deal with obstacles and stairs.

Pretty impressive for such a low price, the only remaining question is how well it would hold up against the iRobot. It looks like our European friends are getting lucky this time, since I don't see a way of buying this unit in the US (and shipping would kill the deal).


SKU: 0007113

More images & product descriptipn (German)
Here a translation of their website via

The end of workday is saved! Because the brush roller and lateral rotation brush turn the dirt independently up. The impact sensor technology recognizes and umfaehrt obstacles. 3 cleaning programs for areas from 10 to 30 m2. Up to 90 minutes of running time. 15-Volt-Akku. With carrying handle and dust collector: no staubbeutel necessarily. Re+rechargeable 3 years warranty for wood -, tile and carpets elevator sensors for avoiding with stairs and paragraphs mass (B x H x T): Approx.. 37 x 10 x 33 cm color: Bordeauxrot Metallic
Anyone have any comments or experience with the Roomba Discovery?

Looking to get something for my wife's bday coming up.

I thought I had heard there was something better out there.
I never had a Roomba but I tried the Robosweep a while back and it didn't work out too well.

All it did was drag a rag around as a duster.

This sweeper looks about the same but maybe it is better ?

Look for Robosweep on ebay if you want to see one.

I have two of the Roomba's. One original model (use downstairs) and the other is the Discovery? the one with remote used upstairs.

Neither of mine work with MY carpet, deep plush, just boggs down. They both do great on wood, vinyl or tile floors.