College starts soon


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4 weeks and I am back to school. It has been three years since I have been in school. I am taking online classes at the University of Maryland University College (UMUC). I will be taking Computers and Information Science (CMIS).

I just got my first book for my CMIS 102 class and the book is titled Extended Prelude to Programming: Concepts and Design. If you have ever read the preface to a programmin book then you have read this book in a nut shell. This is basically 400 page preface introducing you to programming with out actually learning any programming. Talk about boring! It should be an easy class for me though since I am one of those people who actually read the preface of all my prgramming books so I have basically read this book 15 times already.

My second class I will be taking is CMIS 141 Intro to programming which should be a little more interesting since its taught using Java Programming which I am familiar with but I am not fluent with the language. Its also taught from a brand new book which means the modern conecpts should be preached. The "Prelude" book was written in 2001 and doesnt even mention the word .net.

The CMIS course will eventually end up teaching me C# which I am happy about. I just hope a BS degree will get me more money in the long run. BTW work is paying for all my classes so if your wondering why I have decided to start taking courses again its not only to benifit my self but because I would be stupid not to spend my billion dollar employers money.
This is a smart move. Just stick with it and you'll never regret it. Good luck with this.
Take advantage of the free education benefits. Thats how I got my BS, the company paid 80% of tuition,fees,books. It's extra work but a great investment in yourself.
It think that it will always benefit you. I suspect in 5 years you'll look back with the belief that it was a lot of work, but well worth it.

Having the company pay for it makes it really nice!
My classes start in roughly two weeks and Summer classes ended 1 week ago. I also get 100% free school. But mines a bit different my Real job is at a University. I graduate this May with BS in Crim/Psch with a great possibility of the police academy and then onto a MBA.

Keeps ya busy even more so with having a little one.
Keeps ya busy even more so with having a little one.

I have TWO little ones and ONE on its way. So I know what you mean. I think I may be going a little crazy soon. With the monthly doctor visits and planning a wedding and going to school I am not sure what I was thinking. But atleast its only 2 classes and easy classes i think.