Congratulations NASA!


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They really are on a roll this year, they just successfully tested the X-43 air breathing scramjet, reaching mach7+. Everything went great, the video footage is awesome. Just to show what kind of milestone this is, the Wright brothers flew their first plane about 120ft in around 12 seconds, NASA today covered 15 miles in the same amount of time, and we all know how important the Wright brothers and this feat were to aviation.
Thanks for the links.
It's too bad that most of NASA's funding for hypersonic research is being cancelled to help pay for missions to Mars and the Moon.
as much as I want to go to Mars, I can not imagine this being the right time to do it, we don't even have the money, and the money we do have we invest in other countries who aren't even grateful for it (I know, that's a different topic). If a jet is built using this technology, it won't be until at least 2025 from what I hear.