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CQC 5.0 is released

Dean Roddey

Senior Member
It does mention the Echo in the first white divider section in the short list of supported devices, though it's not in your face or anything.


Senior Member
That may be good advice. The Echo is very impressive, the best control panel I have ever used, and may be the "face" of what entices newbies to get involved with HA in the first place.


Active Member
The more info page renders badly on iPad Safari. I've tried to attach a screen shot...

But not successfully. It seems to render a table on top of a bunch of written text.

Dean Roddey

Senior Member
d.dennerline said:
I think the new web site is better too. It's only two clicks to download an installation executable. Add a "Try It" button on upper right corner for the win.
I made that change.