Dean Hub Channel ??


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Hi Eric - I recently got around to hooking-up the hub I purchased a few weeks ago.

I used Tim's one wire lister to list the serial numbers of the switches, but only two were found (physical channel 1 and 3). Any problems reported with not being able to read the middle channel OW ID?

Also, I'm getting this error after a few days of running ......

Wed Oct 17 01:01:10 MST 2007: Error Deactivating Hub:
com.dalsemi.onewire.adapter.OneWireIOException: OneWireContainer1F verify on command

..... on just about every read (using TIm B"s new 5.00 TWS on Tini). I get the same error running the code on Windows / Net Beans.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Bill
Would that be Dean Martin? He's dead.
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Here's a few suggestions:
For initial recognition, make sure you don't have anything plugged into the ports.
Make sure the RJ45 pins aren't bent and shorting.
Make sure there's no random junk that fell into the ports.
Look at the circuit board and see if there's anything obvious like something loose
causing a short or a solder bridge.

Try the one wire viewer and see what it says.