Different arm modes. What is the difference?


Finally the Elk is working. 1 wired sensor and 1 wireless. The house is a mess and I kept opening door all night just to make sure everything is working. :D

Now I am trying to get some security terminology. Can someone explain what is the difference between all these arm modes? Why do i need away and vacation mode? what is up with stay and night? I understand that its possible to arm the system while i am inside, but would that not trigger some sensors?
Anyway, any info on this is appreciated.
Not to be short, but I would read thru the manual and then ask some specific questions. I think most of your answers are in there. You can learn the basics of the modes in the Elk User Manual and more detail about how it all interacts with the zone definitions can be found in the Elk Installation Manual. They are pdf's and easy to read and search.

For example, the manual states that Vacation mode is similar to away but can be used for automation. Like Prego, it's all in there... :D
I can't remember the specifics but you can assign different modes for your zones, such as normally open, EOL, etc... Some zones such as motion sensors you may want to assign as interior. The reason for this is when the system is armed in "stay" mode at night, you will not trip your interior motion sensors while moving around the house.

So "stay" means the house is occupied and you only want to have "exterior" zones active such as doors, windows, and possibly glass breaks.

"Away" means your are leaving the house for the day and would like all zones active.

That's a very brief explanation (from memory). :D

Steve is right on the $Money$ with his advice. I know The "M" word is taboo to some, but the turn of a page will bring you many wonderful things. Also in my opinion the Elk manual is written very well and easy to read for beginners. Not like Apex- DSC- Radionics. Have FUN. Any question you have will find a answer here. :D