DigiNet 4.13 strange error


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Hi people ia'm Nico and a ' newbie from holland/ducth so bare with my enlish typing.

I have the folowing problem with kodicom Diginet 4.13 site .
When I'have installed everting its working fine for a day or two,but then it some howe displays in the main screen a' popup error saying image/kd5logo
and have to klik it away to get the system back ,it seems it that its onlly doing that when i' set my frontdoor camera to display full screen,
so i'l try for no to disable the fullscreen option,and see of that resolves the problem for now.

If someone has simelar errors and maby a' solution please let me now.

My system setup consits of.

Intel desktop board PIII 1000 Mhz and 512mb ram and .
ATI AIW radeon 7500 soon upgraded to a' radeon 9800xt all in wonder
13Gb hd for windows xp SP3 and for the moment a'82Gb hd for DVR data for a 1/2 weeks recordings.
15" LCD for main view and 46" LCD for watching tv and for the sucendary tv output of the radeon.
4 color-cams and 4 B/W cams and a' vicon servuyor PTZ dome soon as it not works for now.

for moderator I' dont now of the post is in the richt place you can corect me if you like .