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File Name: Driver: UPnP Control Point
File Submitter: 123
File Submitted: 30 Aug 2009
File Category: Premise
Author: John in VA
Contact: Author
Version: 0.8

(Posted on behalf of the driver's author: John in VA)

Key features

UPnP Device types supported:

Media Renderers
Tested DSM- 520 and Pinnacle Showcenter 1000 media renderers. The
Show Center plays everything!!! The DSM only seems to work with audio content. It apparently has a bug (confirmed by DLINK) when playing remote control point directed video.

Media Servers
Tested with Twonkyvision, TVersity, and Windows Media Connect media servers. Twonky is slow on extraction due to an apparent need to wait a few seconds between browses. TVersity and WMC are very fast during extracts.
Recognized UPnPAV devices are automatically created within Premise under the sys://Devices/CustomDevices/UPnPAVRoot
UPnP AV Media Server objects support replication of their content hierarchies within Premise. Content folders specific to each media server are created.
Control over what content is replicated within the SYS hierarchy is done through explicit selection of Video, Music, and Picture classes as well as exclusion of certain content folders. Excluded folders are described as a comma delimited list by the user

Installs as a Windows Service


Unzip the files somewhere convenient
Import the UPnPAV-xx.xx.xx.XDO into Premise
Right click CustomDevices within builder and select New>UPnP AV Root
On the server you will be running the control point, run setup - it will ask you for the name of the server/userid/password of the premise server you want to associate the control point with
Start the Premise UPnP Control Point service

This version includes the ability to play Premise-hosted content on a UPnP AV Media Renderer. It is not a full implementation of a UPnP Media Server for Premise (I'm working on that for a future version). It allows a user to select content stored in a Premise File Provider and play it on a UPnP AV Media Renderer. In the prior version, only UPnP AV Media Server-hosted content could be played.


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