Drelky's mad creation


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Wow, just ran about 9000' of wire this week! Holy shizzle! I put in alot of work over the last 2 weeks and a ton more to go! I will post pics soon. Tomorrow I am vidoe taping and getting pics and monday the insulators are comming! Can't wait to show you my mess downstairs!

My wife asked me why I didnt just add plastic electrical conduit everywhere for later use. So I did. We didnt get the house because of the market, but I put about $1000 worth of pvc conduit in and I am sure the new owner will love it when he starts using it. He owns a sound company.

But if I had to do again, I would do the conduit too. I also put 4" conduit runs between the various closets that were around the house that I was going to use as satellite wiring closets. I figured I could get to just about anywhere with them. I prewired the computer jacks, but had lots of flexibility with having these wiring closets around. I put in outlet boxes with conduit to everywhere I thought I might possibly need to have some and was planning on blank wall plates if I didnt use them. Places like up high in the bathroom for a flat panel tv later when I had the money to add one. I also wired lots of areas for motion sensors that would be dedicated like at the top and bottom of the staircase. I had the step lights installed and was going to have them turn on when motion was detected at the stairs.