EHX-November 2007 attendance?


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Given the discounts for early-bird, ease of cancellation for hotel in months but PITA for booking/lockout later, I just registered for EHX-Nov in Long Beach.

I only got the EHX-plus, the CEPro Awards, first-timers breakfast, and EHX unplugged. $89 now, another $40-$50 if it's done after 9/21 (only 7 weeks away!).

Anyone else going?
FYI - i reserved a room @The Hyatt. Whether that means you want to stay at the Hyatt, or anyplace other than the Hyatt is an exercise best left for the reader...
I always go down for at least one day... had the pleasure of meeting Rocco last year!

Looks like a half-dozen or so CQC'ers will be there. We're going to probably do dinner both Wed & Thu nights, the only question is which night will be solid-based, which night will be liquid-based.

There will be prizes awarded for most clever Brandon abuse, even more so if we have to call him to do it as he hasn't yet decided whether to come or not.
Given that we'll be PST, we can drunk-dial both you two at the top of every hour for the abuse. Given that we probably won't let folks go to bed until 1am or so, that'll be a decent amount of abuse. If we could find a foozball table and a waitress willing to get us suicide buffalo wings and french fries, it'd be like reliving my college fraternity days all over again.

Man, I can already feel the hangover. I'm sure Steve is now happy he's not coming out.
I'll be driving down on Tuesday, getting in probably around 6ish. Anyone else there that early?