Elk not reading TR-16 data


I just got my TR-16 installed. I have not done much heavy testing but so far the unit seems to be working ok. Pressing the fan button seems to tun fan on. Changing temp turns heater on. So far so good.

One immediate observation. The Elk keypad reads different temp then tr-16. tr-16 reads 5 degrees lower then Elk and they are 1 meter apart from each other.

The serial port is enrolled per documentation but when trying to access thermostat data via Elk it reports the temp as -17. I do not think i am reading the thermostat. Has anyone seeing anything like this?

Finally, I created 2 tasks and when activating these tasks from keyboard the WDU does not seem to change. It set to 11C and when i activate task to bring it to 20C nothing happens, but the HVAC seems to understand and kick on.

Help is appreciated.
Different Temperature readings:

If you are using the Keypad 1, do you have a prox reader installed. The prox reader generate some heat and may change the keypad calibration.

You can recalibrate the keypad by:
Hold the * and F5 key for about 5 seconds until the display changes.
Press the F2 key to enter the keypad temperature calibration.
Use the Up and Down arrows to adjust the temperature to the same as the thermostat.
Press the Exit key to end.

I have a TR-16 mounted in my livingroom just under an Oregon Scientific remote temperature/humidity monitor.

Depending on the room temperature, the difference between the TR-16 and the OS remote can be as much as 2 deg F and as little as .75 deg F.

The TR-16 is always the higher reading.

My TR-16 is attached to my Stargate SG-IP through a RS-485 hub.

Just an observation.