ELK SP102 Alternatives


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Since it appears either ELK can't provide a timeline for the SP102's or I am just imagining them, I would like to find an alternative. So lets discuss what is available.

I am unsure what specs I should be looking for except size. Should I be shooting for a certain Ohm rating, Watt rating?

I am having a hard time locating small speakers, but I did find these at Ratshack, no wattage rating listed...


And it looks like this site has the component speaker motherload, any of these better worse? Is there any issues going with a tweeter or do I need a midrange?

I like the HAI ones HERE. They also have a built in mic.

I would like something that will fit inside the bbk2 behind the keypad.

This looks a little large, but it might be an option dismantled, do you know what the dimensions on the speaker inside the enclosure is and what the ohm and watt ratings are for it?

I am guessing the bbk2 will take a 2"-3". I'll have to measure tonight. I may be running into the same issue ELK is. It is hard to find a small speaker rated above 3 Watts. The ELK73's are rated at 20W, I don't know how much lower I can go without risking blowing them. And I do plan to have an ELK73 in the system as well so cranking down the volume won't be a good option.
It looks like the posts in the bbk2 are 2" square. I ordered some r GF0573-ND speakers from Digikey. They are 57mm square, 8 ohm, 3w nominal 5W max. Hopefully the extra 7mm won't make the too big and they can take the volume when when the alarm goes off.