Ember products officialy ZigBee-compliant


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BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 11, 2005--Ember, a wireless semiconductor solutions company which has emerged as the ZigBee market frontrunner, today became one of the first companies to earn official ZigBee-compliant status, according to the ZigBee Alliance. The certification is significant for Ember customers and partners because it brings a host of benefits, including:
  • ZigBee-compliant marketing and promotional validation for their products,
  • assured interoperability with other vendor's ZigBee-compliant platform based products,
  • additional consumer credibility and market acceptance for their products, and
  • assurance that their own end-user products will have to undergo minimal ZigBee platform compliance when they undergo 3rd-party testing, thus speeding product entry into the market.
"Achieving ZigBee platform compliance is a nice milestone for Ember. But the real story is what it means to our customers and partners," said Venkat Bahl, Ember's vice president of marketing. "Companies like Philips Lighting, Eaton, Control4, Raymarine, NURI Telecom and Tour Andover Controls have been waiting for ZigBee-compliant platforms for a long time. The ability to market their Ember-enabled products with official ZigBee-compliant designation will bring the same kind of market acceptance and excitement that WiFi certification brought to wireless LAN vendors."

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