Favorite Script/html/program editor


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After trying about 5 different editors, I finally broke down and purchased EditPlus: http://www.editplus.com/index.html

I'm mostly just editing HomeSeer VBScripts and using it to clean-up the mess left by FrontPage when I use it to edit html/asp. One of the others I tried was Jim Doolittle's DooEditor, but it wasn't quite ready for prime time yet, but has the potential to be a good product. The others I tried just weren't quite as flexible as EditPlus. I especially like the ability to have custom autocomplete files, templates, etc for just about any language you can think of.

[hint]Be nice if someone volunteered to make a HomeSeer specific autocomplete file.[/hint]

What's everyone else using?

Maybe a matrix (like electron's forthcoming webcam matrix) could be put together?
Not a bad idea, there are so many of these editor clones out there. I personally use Editpad Pro (www.jgsoft.com), it's pretty good with syntax highlighting and regular expression based searches, which was the most important part to me. It has tons of other features tho, and there is a freeware version too if I am not mistaken.