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FYI - I found a fairly good dimmable CFL


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I just got my newest electric bill for the new house - :) $680!!! ;) First reaction was that I had one of the "SmartMeters" that was faulty... so we compared electricity usage to my other house, which is currently vacant with nothing but a fridge, the Elk, the pool pump for 4 hours/day, and the thermostat set to 81 degrees - usage there was ~1900 KWh (Bill is under $200). This house, usage was only ~2500KWh - so it seems low to me honestly for a 4K sq. ft. house. The difference is they're charging $0.40/kwh in the upper tiers!!! You guys with single-digit electric rates - I'm so jealous!

Anyway - I'm still in sticker shock here... the purpose for my post however, is that I'm looking at LED's and CFL's to see what I want to replace around the house, and I want to gain dimming... so I'm just looking around. I came across an article about PureSpectrum that may be of interest...


Sounds like they have a decent product, but they're teetering on the edge of extinction at the moment. Hopefully some other players will step up or they'll get their act together soon.