Garage door openers and military RF signals

Well, here was "one" of our sources. Note the frequency used (look familiar).

I live on a hill opposite of the hill (in the Las Vegas Valley) most radio station (and others) transmitters are located.

Other interesting info:

And then there are those darn UFO's that always seem to visit us:
I've spent some time at Nellis (and the casinos too of course), as well as some other bases in the area. No suprises here.
Every now and then I will get these unexplained "storms" of signals that greatly interfere with my home. Then, after a few hours, everything is fine. I wrote it off to noise, but the signals were never random enough (the bursts were about the same length each time and very specific (at the time) codes. After the next day, it all is back to normal again.
For "some reason" the article from the Las Vegas Sun (the 2nd link) just doesn't "seem right"

IMHO, it reads more like a press release (spelled coverup or blowing smoke) than the actual facts.

If a business owned a repeater on 315 mhz (not a commercial business frequency) that was stuck ON for at least 5 days, then that "business" would have lost all of their use of the repeater, and would have had their own technician there within hours, not waiting until Ford Motor Co sent engineers from Detroit to find their problem.

I'm with JustOneMore on this. It's our tax dollars at work!
Hey John;

Do you ham guys operate anything in this frequency? I do know there is an active ham radio culb (clubs actually) and they have repeaters in various sites around town. Don't know anything more specific than that.

As far as our tax dollars, man I could tell a few stories... ;)
and no self respecting ham or ham organization would leave a repeater transmitting for 5 days....
Now that I'm home, I had a chanch to reference the Frequency Allocation Table.

225 - 400 MHz is reserved for the U S Government. Primarily aeronautical radio navigation and maritime navigation beacons.

312 - 315 MHz is primary for earth to space (uplinks only).

Garage door openers and other consumer items can be used on these frequencies subject to Part 15 rules, ie extremely low power and subject to interference from other sources.

So in my opinion, the whole "Ford Motor Co" article was a big piece of mis-information, probably written by a US Gov (mis) Information Officer.

Since 312 - 315 MHz is for earth to space uplinks, an AIRCRAFT transmitting to a satellite, is very possible. Look at the link posted by justonemore. The unit patch for Rivet Joint illustrates the Rivet Joint aircraft picking up radio signals from land and sea based transmitters and relaying (on different freqs) to other AWAC aircraft and satellites.

So get out your shoulder fired missles and "shoot down" all of the Rivet Joint aircraft so they won't interffer with your consumer electronic items ;)

Just read on that the military finally owned up to causing the problem! Looks like htey are using transmitters that have been causing this problem all along. HERE IS A LINK to the full article on MSNBC's site.