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Hey guys, was just a bit bored this morning, and was using Google Earth to look at aerial views of some of the places that I had been in Europe. I was shocked to see how much better the resolution of satellite imagery is there! Probably due to some restriction in the US from the government on how good aerial photo's of the US can be and all. I took 2 screen caps... One of an aircraft at Chigago's Ohare airport, and the same height taken of an aircraft at Frankfurt Mein for comparison.

So dig up that old icon of Google Earth you have burried and go tour Europe, the imagry is stunning!

Here is the Typical US resolution from a major US city, Chicago, IL


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Yes, you can clearly read the airline on the plane. Maybe it's advertising, John? ;-)

I've found that has higher res imagery for my area (central Maine) than Google Earth does, but not as good as the Euro image above. It's odd, though, cause many European countries have tougher privacy laws than the US.
I have noticed that the resolution in mid-east contries to be very good too, but not as goot as the one you found. I made similar assumptions. May be US has their best satellites looking at those countries. Notice that in order to launch a satellite they might have to abide to US laws on what pictures they can take an publish.