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I was trolling the forums and saw googlebot on there. I noticed that I couldn't click on googlebot as a userlink, just thought that was kind of interesting. So E: Who or what is googlebot? Have the google web spiders figured out ways to create forum accounts now?

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Ohh got a phone call in the middle of post. I assume its an account you created to allow Google to cache the site?
Googlebot is what the forum assigns to the google search engine when it crawls the site. You will see others as well!
The forums software recognizes search engine spiders by their user-agent tag, and uses whatever name you specify instead of just guest. Googlebot is a regulator visitors (several times a day), as is The latest version of the forum software allows you to specify more bots, but IPB costs money now.
Figured as much. I know quite a bit of the news sites are ticked that google can't spider them since they require the bloodsucking registration. Figured that the googlebot had to be something allong the same lines. Thanks for the info E:
The new IPB version of 2.0 allows you to add more without modifying the software, but unless Santa brings me a license, it won't happen for a while hehe.

It's definitely interesting seeing Googlebot using the PM module, or accessing the chat page lol.