Great Elk M1/EZ8 application ideas

Man, I guess I'll have to re-read all of these. I currently have both of my water heaters controller by the Elk. I've got it so that they are only on a fraction (5 hours) of the time they were before (24 hours). What I forgot was to also set a rule that if the system is armed in AWAY mode, to turn it off them as well....
I like this one!

How to deter intruders using sprinklers:

The rule below will turn on the sprinklers in a certain area (side sprinklers in this example) if an outdoor motion sensor in the area is tripped while the system is armed in away mode. If used near lower level windows or the perimeter of the property where an intruder may approach, this can be an excellent deterrent.

AND Area One (Area 1) IS ARMED AWAY
THEN TURN Side Sprinklers (Out 12) ON FOR 5 MINS
Great post and very timely, as thanks to Martin it seems I will have much to play with this weekend as I will have my shiny new Elk M1G to install and have fun with ...