HA on a Yacht using St Def AV Distribution


A good friend just purchased a yacht (100'). He would like automate a few things and share resources. Here's the skinny:

- Each room has one Cat-5e & and one RG6
- Each bedroom (3) has satellite receiver
- The salon has satellite receiver, surround sound & Sony 400 DVD Changer.
- Media Center PC - Movies & Music

He would like:

1. To be able to share sources (changer) between roooms (master).
2. Control Lights
3. Control Drapes in Salon
4. Setup a 4 Camera System

Needless to say it is a huge pain in the ass to run cables between and around the vessel. Can he share multiple sources via either the single cat-5 or RG6? He does not care aobut HD signals. Is there a standard def matrix switcher available? And of course one HA system to rule them all.

I am anxiously awaiting your feed back?

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