HAI Prolink Protocol Question


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In the HAI Prolink description document, it states that adding a caret (^) before a character tells the panel to interpret this as an ASCII control character.  It gives examples like ^M would send a carriage return, ^J is a line feed, and ^G is a bell.
Looking at an ASCII table, it appears that the caret (^) before a character might just cause the panel to subtract 0x40 (40 hex) from the ASCII character.  Is this true in all cases?
I'd like to connect a Monoprice HDMI matrix to an Omni Pro's serial port, and have it switch based on some conditions.  (Doorbell press or driveway motion would switch the TV to view the CCTV cameras, etc.)  The Monoprice protocol wants hex characters 0x00, 0x01, 0x02, and 0x03, which I am guessing that I might get the panel to generate using ^@, ^A, ^B, and ^C.  Reasonable?
Also related, is there a way to get the OPII to generate hex numbers greater than 0x7E (~)?  I also need to generate 0xF0 to 0xFF.
I'm trying to avoid putting some additional hardware and software between the OPII and the HDMI matrix.