Halo 2


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You guys wont believe what the new halo 2 is selling for on e-bay. Iv seen the limited editions going for $90+. The regular editions are going for $70+. I dont understand why people are paying for this stuff when all the stores have them available with plenty of quantity. Both Toys-R-US and Best buy has them here and they have more thhen they know what to do with.

Who would pay for something on ebay thats $20 above cost and still have to pay shipping and have to wait for it to be delivered. Just go to the store and buy it. Has anyone else checked their stores. If its only my town with a large supply then maybe ill go buy a few and charge $30 over cost.
Should have gotten a .com instead of a .org. Then you could start selling them on your web site. :blink:

I even went to pick up a copy at 1am...At 11pm there were 50 people standing outside (they didnt begin selling em till midnight)... I should add, that I went home and came back at 1am :blink:

My neighbor is a manager for EB Games... didnt get home till about 3am!

This game is SWEET!!! A must have for every xbox owner.

Though Pac-Man is still my Favorite...
I know halo 1 was very good and would entertain me and my brother for days. It had capture the flag and king of the hill. Halo 2 is supposed to be better because its live and HD i think. So the graphics are better and you dont have to play by yourslef anymore.
I played the original Halo a bit, but not enough to form an opinion.

Skimming the reviews, it sounds like the single player game for Halo 2 leaves much to be desired but the multiplayer games are good.

I, personally, don't like it when they skimp on the single player game. This became a problem when games like Quake and Unreal evolved into multi-player deathmatch games.

At least Doom3 got that part right.

I don't think any of the first person shooter games have had the impact that the original Doom had. Yes, graphics, sound, and the physics have gotten better. But, they've all been evolutionary rather than revolutionary.
treetop - u do mame32.exe?

Nope. Always wanted to, but just never got around to it. Looking around for the roms hasn't really appealed to me... if I could buy a bundle pack of 100 games...then maybe. I know there are some small packs that are sold, but havent really looked in that either.