If I was going to get one (probably not, I'll probably wait out this one) I'd use the included software until I convoced someone to make TVLobby compatable with it (for "guide" surfing and seting up recordings).

It looks like the card has a pretty impressive OSD setup that you can use to do everything withyour remote, so it will seem like you're using a STB.
Yes, I've been following that development as well at Satteliteguys.us. However, they're supposed to release the Dish 942 HD receiver in ewraly 05 for even less - and with more capabilities. So I'll wait out on that. From the rumblings I've heard, it may be cheaper for me to buy th 942 that to build a PVR HTPC - even with parts laying around (I'd have to buy the tuner card plus ~255GB worth of HDD) which will be close to what the 942 is rumored to retail for ($300-$400). And with the 942, I can tune in HD locals plus get HD sattelite channels - on 2 sets! (although on the second set the HD signal will be downconverted to SD - but it should still look better than normal lossy sattelite).
I'm curious as to whether anyone has tried titan (http://www.titantv.com) for scheduling recordings. I believe they don't cover satellite but do cover terrestrial, cable and cable digital. I'm basic cable.
I haven't gone PVR yet but I use the site to see what's on.
I used Titan for a while, I can't remember why or what software depended on it, but did not have any issues.
Be aware Dish charges (or used to, anyway) a monthly fee to "enable" the PVR features, so over time you may have a larger cost for the PVR than if you were to buy your own (and not have any serious maintenance problems).
Just I case people haven't heard, MIT has announced a new MyHD card - the MD-130. It will support QAM and have a more sensitive tuner. No announced release date, but expectations a a month or two.

Up until now the major HD cards where the MD-120 which is a hardware processor based card that didn't support QAM, and the Fusion card which is a software processing card which has limited QAM abilities.

The beta testers on the MD-130 report more QAM channels being detected than with the Fusion card. This sounds like a great card to look at. I know I am holding my purchase of a HD card until it is released.