HikVision HD-DB1 Video Doorbell


Try changing the BI set up from RTSP to ONVIF and maybe the sound will work.
I changed the PIR masking with the Hikvision Batch configuration application running locally on a Windows 2016 server machine.  
The doorbell notifications (OmniPro 2 zone change) are very fast via Homeseer or Home Assistant. 
The PIR ONVIF to MQTT notification runs through either Homeseer or Home Assistant and are also fast.  


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mikefamig said:
I have not tried to send an sms text when triggered in BI. I was trying to send a push notification and did finally get it to work by upgrading BI to version 5.
  I have found just the opposite to be true. Two way audio works in the OEM HIK-connect app but not in BI even with the version 5 upgrade.
Sorry, my post wasn't clear.  What I meant to convey was that the two way audio does not work in the BI mobile app.  I think it does work in the BI desktop app, but I rarely use that for obvious reasons (most interactions are through browsers or the mobile app). I started using BI with the v5 release, so that is all I have used.
I personally have dropped the doorbell camera's OEM app completely.  Because of the way I have my camera connected to a VLAN without internet service, the app doesn't stay connected to the camera anyway so I don't use it at all.   I get those text messaged from BI on motion (and using BI motion settings to mask off unimportant areas so I don't get many false texts) and that is all I get.  No OEM camera motion notifications, no doorbell press notifications, etc.  I can always VPN into the system when I get a text notification if I need to, I just won't be able to speak through the camera.  It works fine for me, but I understand why that may not be "enough" for some people.