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Home Automation Retail Storefront


Hehe, I better clarify I'm just kidding around before our fine southern members start complaining! ;)

A couple of comments:

Our electricity here (sort of going off track) seems to be getting glitches or voltage spiking. We are getting light bulbs going out about two a week (and they are 130 VAC bulbs), plus weird flashing every now and then.

I think the power company is trying to boost the voltage to high in order to handle the extra draw of all the air conditioning running. Plus we are on the outskirts of town.

I am thinking about monitoring the voltage and recording a log when it gets over say 125 volts as this is my "theory" and I have no documentation to back it up.

Further up in the thread I mentioned Worthington's in Las Vegas (they opened a "walk-in" sales warehouse here in Las Vegas). Leo Sodderman WAS running this store, but has virtually disappeared. ASI Home doesn't know where he is and neither does Worthington's. I saw he wrote an aritcle a few months ago for Home Toys, but that seems to be the last public contact. He was a member here before the big "crash", but hasn't registered since. Wish he would stop in and say hi as he is a very cool guy and VERY knowledgeable on HA topics.