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I have a few questions regarding wiring for home automation center to audio:

1.) The connection from the HAI Omni PROII to NUVO is RS232. Tech suprot at NUVO suggests that this be a short run. After looking, I’ve read its good to at least 50’ and someplaces say 100’ (http://www.rs485.com/rs485spec.html) . But tech support thinks is should be shorter. One solution I read about and would like his advice ont is the other possibility of to converting it to some other long distance protocal (I need 50’ at most) and back again to RS 232. For example: Cat5, RS422 or R485 can be easily converted using converts: http://www.bb-elec.com/SubCategory.asp?SubCategoryId=11. Will this work? And what kind of cable should I run (its in the walls, so I have to add the connectors later)

2.) Will CD players able to be controlled and have the CD info viewed using the HAI omnipro II through the console if its hooked up through the Nuvo E? Or are there special CD players that work well with these systems together?
I do not have either of these pieces of equipment - but I have a couple thoughts for you...

- Run CAT5 between the locations. This should cover any needs you have.
- I would try RS232 and see if it works for you.
- If it doesn't work, you still have the wiring in place to implement a converter if needed. Worst case is you waste $5-10 on RS232 connectors, but it's likely you will still use them.
- if RS232 works - you are done. :rolleyes:
1) At the low speed the RS232 runs on this type of equipment, you can easily get 100 ft on RS232 using Cat5. I have around 125 ft. on a run between my weather station and my HomeSeer computer, with no problems.

2) I doubt it. Rolling your own interface for CD<-->Neuvo<-->HAI is NOT going to be fun. Also, IIRC the HAI keypads don't have a lot intelligence in them, ie no string handling, parsing, etc.

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