Homeseer 2.0 promotion offer expiring soon!


Staff member
HST sent me a postcard with the $39.99 upgrade offer (HS 1.x to HS 2.0), and I just found it again while moving stuff around on my desk, so I figured I would use this opportunity to remind everyone that the $39.99 upgrade offer expires the 15th of this month. After that, it will cost you $99 to upgrade, so if you are remotely interested in buying this upgrade, this is the time to act.

Also keep in mind that both PowerHome and CQC are on sale as well:
  • PowerHome: $20 discount, $49.95 instead of the regular $69.95 price (CocoonTech special), offer expires October 31st
  • CQC: 25% discount, offer expires September 21st