How To Start A Low Voltage / Home Automation Business


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If any of you have your own LV / home automation business, I'd love to hear any tips/tricks/advice/etc. as to how you got started...
I've been in the software industry for 20+ years.  A few years ago I pulled over 30,000' linear feet of LV wires in my new home and fully automated my home:
  • Insteon Lighting
  • Elk M1 Security Alarm Panel w/ 100's of motion sensors (dual purpose security and lighting control), door/window contacts, etc.
  • Whole Home Audio, Video, Networking
  • Security Cameras
  • etc.
Pulling wire was a bigger job than I expected but I throughly enjoyed the experience.
What is the best way to start your own LV & home automation company?  I checked state laws and I don't need to be licensed (unless I do security systems).
Paul made the transition from DIYer to business owner about 10 years ago.  Remarkable work.
I would do exactly what he is doing.  Follow his lead.
It helps to be friendly, honest, and live in a rich town. Find the big spenders, and make them happy!