HS 2.0 Rick makes a statement!!


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Instead of just turning the controls off, you can set them to various levels in the four "security zones" in IE (Internet, Local Intranet, Trusted, and Restricted). After my analysis, I believe I got bit because a previously Trusted site was either compromised or changed owners, and had malware loaded on it. When I hit it, I didn't have the site (re)defined properly. That's the risk you take with the web and the way IE does security!

You can never tell when a trusted site will be hacked and malware content will be loaded on it. Shame on me for trusting ANY site... hehe


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HomeSeer made this comment today on their message board:

HS2 is going well, but I can't do a public beta until we resolve some plugin issues. For most users who use plugins, it would not work for you as is. We are evaluating on a daily basis, any day now.