Humidity Sensors?


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Is anyone using any humidity sensors out there with their Elk M1G panel or a communicating themostat? Can you describe what you're using?

I'm planning on using a RCS TR40 thermostat with my M1G panel. I was thinking it would be great toh ave some humidity sensors around to help trigger some events.

Example: When it gets cold here in Calgary (as I'm sure it does elsewhere too) I need to lower the humidity in the house so as to not ice up the inside of the windows.

I was also thinking about sensing the humidity in the bathroom after a shower and letting the fan run until the humidity dropped below a certain threshold.

Is anyone doing something like this? I don't see native support for humidity in the RCS products but figured I should be able to add a sensor to the M1G. Wireless might be great but also seems to cost $$.

Thanks for all the great advice and help. This place is great for ideas!
I use humidity sensors in both my showers to automatically turn on and off the fans. I have them wired through my temp05 unit though. The are the one-wire humidity sensors.
I have a couple of Honeywell HIH-3605 humidity sensors that I plan to incorporate into my next electronics project (this project will also communicate with a RCS TR-40). The sensor has since been replaced by the HIH-3610 but is essentially the same: a 3 terminal device for ground, +5v and signal out. The signal ranges from 0.8 to about 4 volts over the rel humidity range 0 to 100 %. It should be possible to use this with most devices that have an analog input, as long as the input impedance is not too low because the device has a somewhat high output impedance. This must be to avoid producting any heat that would alter the measurement.