IBM Strives For "Superhuman" Speech Tech


Staff member posted a great article about IBM's new voice recognition technology. It is able to comprehend 'the nuances of spoken English', and can even translate on the fly. Here are some interesting quotes:
In a demonstration today at IBM's headquarters here, for example, users changed a simulated radio station, by speaking any of the following phrases: "Play 92.3," "Tune to 92.3," or "Tune the radio to 92.3."

"At IBM, we have this superhuman speech recognition [initiative in which] the goal is to get performance comparable to humans in the next five years," Nahamoo said.

I can't wait for the day when we can use this kind of VR engine with our home automation software.

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I like the sound of IBMs goals for VR but they seam to be admitting that even their superhuman engine is not practical right now. From what I read it seams that you are still limited to one voice profile at a time. I like the news that they understand how big this limitation is and are working to fix it.

Thanks for posting.