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I wrote an email to respond to Steve Ciarcia's November 2004 "Priority Interrupt" editorial columns, found at the back of Circuit Cellar Magazine, when he wrote about energy consumption and quiescent power drawn by wallwarts and other devices even when the devices were "off". He replied and asked if I would give permission for him to possibly use my email in an upcoming article, to which I said, of course, Yes.

He did. See page 96, Circuit Cellar #173, December 2004, or online at http://www.circuitcellar.com/library/priorityinterrupt/ (which is the November column as I write this, but will be replaced with the December column shortly).

Note that in some places in the country electricity costs are quite high. These regional differences could easily be a factor in power efficiency and consumption, and may have a significant bearing on the HA market.

What are your thoughts and experiences?
I saw that on Saturday and mentioned it to Electron on the chat that night. I was going to congratulate you but you weren't around.

I was reading the column and got to that particular quote and thought it started to sound familiar. Then I saw the name at the end which confirmed it.