Insteon SocketLinc Dimmer Restrictions


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Now that the 2454D Insteon Socketlinc Dimmers are starting to ship and their Quick Users Quides and Full Users Manuals are on the web.
I suggest anyone wanting to know if it is usable in your appliacation. read the manuals.
I expected restrictions like no outdoors due to possible exposure to direct moisture; no CFLs or inductive loads and not in a completely enclosed housing.
I did find that the must be mounted upright with the SocketLinc dimmer on the bottom and the bulb above it. May cause some applications where it maybe hanging upside down from a room cealing and horizontal in a fixture not avilable if you follow the directions.
HouseLinc Desktop also calls it an unknown device during a add to network.
None of that is an issue for my application... been waiting a long time for these and now have 6 of them on the way.

Wonder if the UPB screw-in modules have fewer restrictions...?
BLH said:
HouseLinc Desktop also calls it an unknown device during a add to network.
Hi BLH- I spoke with the software team yesterday and posted this on They will push out an update to HouseLinc in the next few days.

Hope this helps.
Thanks Mike. I thought that maybe the plan.
I also think the rightside up is for better heat disapation. There are 4 smaller slots on the bottom and 4 larger ones near the male connector also on the bottom. On the top side is a few rows of small holes. Looks like the colder air is ment to enter the bottom and exit the top.