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Insteon vs. UPB w/ Elk M1 Gold and Cell Phone Dial


Steve said:
Absolutely. The rule would look something like:

WHENEVER (trigger)
THEN SET (whatever light) to XX% BRIGHT, FADE RATE = 0

Awesome, that's great news... I just wasn't sure since the manual states that it can't track DIM levels, and the manual for the EP or the RP stated that the Dim option isn't always available...

Anyway, that will make my job a lot easier (with whichever technology I use).


Now, I probably should start ordering the other components I'm going to need, and then after lunch, find out about the UPB pricing break.


Hmm, called up SmartHome, and they want to charge $160 for the KPE-08 package, even though Simply Automated stamps out $125 everywhere...

Had to order some stuff from them for quicker delivery (same UPS zone, so it will be here tomorrow), but now I'm about to place an order with AutomatedOutlet for the KPE and some other Elk products I need. Much better pricing, and I don't have to pay tax... :)

Side question (posted in security thread, please respond over there)
Need specs/details on the BasiX window sensor from AO:
(want to keep automation/security talk separate)

Again, thanks for all the responses - I'm probably going to stick to UPB, but I will hold off on lighting control for about a month (organize a plan, and get the security side of the Elk working).


Senior Member
SH has great service, so certainly try them, but you may want to check out Worthington Distribution as well. They carry just about everything at great prices.