Internet-based security cameras may not be secure.


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I suspect many people are already aware of the following security gaff but here it is for those who are not.

If you have a IP-based security camera that is accessible via the Internet you should not rely upon "security through obscurity". Just because you don't share the camera's URL with anyone does not mean it cannot be easily discovered.

Google permits you to search for keywords in a URL. If you own a brand of camera whose URL normally contains "Live View", you can Google the phrase using the "inurl:" or "intitle:" directives. For example, googling any of the following phrases will expose links to security cameras located throughout the world.

intitle:"Live View / - AXIS"

Here's one I discovered showing a live view with a fast refresh rate:
This camera view doesn't show anything private but that is definitely not the case for all cameras.

Ensure your home's security cameras are not vulnerable to this technique.
I have used this search many times to prove to customers that security is important. It's called changing the password, at a minimum.