IR Repeater / interceptor processor project


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Just buy a new remote.

Well thanks for the reply, but Id rather not take the easy way out.

Your suggestion also introduces some problem I did not yet make mention off. Take teh following scenario: my gf hits a macro button on the remote, and unknowing to her it is sending signals for the next few seconds...... but she puts it down on my bed before the macro is done.... cutting off the end of the macro. Now the states are screwed up and I look like a tool reseting everything.

I want simple 1 button commands from the remote to trigger my macros within this purposed system.

Thanks anyway

URC has a device called and MSC-400 that works with their remotes. With this device the macros are in it and not in the remote. The remote simply sends a command to start the macro. Works just fine. It can also send commands to RS232 devices as well as sense various types of inputs.

Highly recommended!


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the harmony remotes do keep track of states. their whole software was built around this point. also, you can adjust delays very easily within the control software. it is usually lack of experience with the software that limits people on what they can do. i agree that it is somewhat limited in some respects but overall it is surprising comprehensive for most a/v projects. i control everything from discrete IR to rf lighting to IR shades to pop up tv lifts with no problem at all. macros are built into the software and buttons can be programmed just about any way you want. IR can be learned or you can use their huge dbase of IR codes. i really have to disagree that it is good only for kids. i have used them on major builders/contractors homes and they love the product, especially the 1000. just my opinion.