Just Went Through Registrar Hell


Man, I just went through domain registry hell with Registerfly.com. I don't keep "in the know" as much as I guess I should with the latest happenings of domain registrars and such, but noticed something was wrong when my renewal of my two domains would not go through with RegisterFly.com. I wrote support tickets that went unanswered and tried to call them twice, but was on hold for twenty minutes, then after finally getting connected, heard a voice message saying the mail box was full.

Well it didn't take long Goggling "Registerfly.com" to see what some of the problems were.





Seems the company is now dysfunctional after its owners are feuding and one of them, actually misused funds. ICANN, the official ruler of registry domains, pulled its certification from Registerfly last month.

Since then Registerfly has had domains in a locked state for some of its members, making it impossible to switch to another registrar.

I'm posting this after having successfully switched two of my domains, and one of my friend's using some techniques that electron (thank goodness) found for me (he is better at Google searches than I ;) ).

Anyway, if I can just save one Cocooner from this hell, or at least help one who is currently experiencing a problem with their Registerfly domains, this post was well worth it.

Registerfly's site looks like nothing is happening while their company is crumbling. If anyone needs help with a domain currently registered with them, please send me a PM and I'll tell you my step by step methodology of how I got my domains transferred to another company (GoDaddy.com).
I have used godaddy for years, they seem awesome. They have called me before to warn of renewal denial when I got new CCs and they couldn't process with the old numbers.

I once called and complained about how their email registration system works, they promptly got me talking to somebody who obviously knew exactly what I was talking about. They haven't fixed it but I noticed soon after there was a note in that section explaining they know it's not as easy as it could be.

Unique usernames don't contain the domain and they span their data farm. Basically that means there is a 0% chance of you getting the username you desire. With as many accounts as they have in the farm you have to really stretch to find a username that isn't taken. If you get into this trap manually add the domain to your usernames.


This also means you can't have a superuser account for all email services.

GoDaddy doesn't do dynamic DNS. :D


I also use DynDNS.com for Dynamic addressing and have used them for years too. Never a problem, helpful service when I needed it. My only confusion was you must go to my_account>my services to add hosts. If you just try to add a host from their quick links it doesn't recognize custom DNS accounts??? I dunno but I can do it no prob now. I use it to track and maintain every server I sell.

It's great when a customer calls me up and claims their server isn't providing remote access. I ask them the basic questions while remotely connecting. Before they know it I am discribing where in their facility they are and what they are wearing today. ;) Usually gets me off the hook on the is the server working or not claim. Unfortunately then I wind up servicing a machine I didn't sell them or warantee them... over the phone... for free... ;)
I've been switching my domains to godaddy as they come due for renewal. My very first domain was registered with network solutions. When it came up for renewal a few months ago, the renewal was well over $100 for 3 years, or something rediculous like that.
Godaddy has great support. You won't go wrong with them for simple domain registration.
It looks like Registerfly is dead and the victims are released.

Embattled registrar RegisterFly will transfer 850,000 domain names to GoDaddy.com, the world's largest domain registrar under an agreement brokered by ICANN, the parties announced today.
Well, you got to give credit to ICANN, they did seem to eventually solve this problem.

What gets me though is it STILL looks like RegisterFly is doing business as usual from their SITE! :)
Thats crazy but not too suprising. They may have also become a WildWest reseller, which would still put their domains under godaddy's control and allow them to profit.