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Hi Kyle

What i think might be happening with your suspect zone is that one leg of the circuit is somehow grounded ...the one thats connected to the zone input.... Try swapping the suspect zone wires over at the elk end ....

Did you mean 2.2 ohms or 2k2 ohms ???......


I meant 2200 Ohms but my multimeter is set to read it as 2.2. I haven't had time to mess with this circuit and luckily it's just a guest bedroom window up 2 story's high so it's not all that important. It was definitely working the first week I had it setup and then a week later it starting acting this way. My contractor doesn't know of any nailing or work going on where these wires are running. I ran 4 conducter to all contacts so i'll probably start by swapping contacts on the line and see how that works. it will require cutting out some drywall though yuck!