La crosse weather stations and w800


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Would it be possible to use lacrosse weather station data (transmits at 433.92 Mhz) and the W800 International model (recieves at 433.92Mhz).

Here are the links:

La Crosse Technology

W800 Reciever (International Edition)

As much as I like gadget's, I don't need another one to sit on the desk (I can't even see the desk as it is). Another benefit would be the fact that the system would be unlimited in the number of recievers. I already have 1-wire devices in my home but would love the ability to have a wireless system (movable - no ugly wires/sensors)
I have tested La Crosse but is not possible to receive it with the W800. You can use the wireless RFXSensor units to measure temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. See
The RFXSensor unit has a build in DS2438 1-wire sensor and can have up to 7 external DS2438 or DS18B20 sensors connected. For example: an RFXSensor type-2 with humidity sensor and a DS18B20 makes it possible to measure the air-temperature and humidity and the water temperature of the swimming pool.
The DS2438 has an A/D input and allows you to connect any DC voltage to be measured in the range of 0 - 10 volts.