Light Show Master now available for purchase!


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You can now purchase the full version of Light Show Master from Smarthome's web site at:


  • Intuitive visual sequence editor makes creating new lighting sequences easy
  • Flexible control allows lights to be turn on and off or fade up and down to 7 different fade speeds
  • Timer function lets you schedule which days of the week it runs with start and stop times for each day
Extend the power of your INSTEON network with the Light Show Master software that allows you to create animated lighting displays synced to music. Whether it's Halloween or Christmas, impress your neighbors with your musical holiday lighting display. Using an INSTEON PowerLinc you can program new lighting sequence with the software's easy-to-use visual sequence editor that allows you to turn your lights on and off and also fade them up and down to 7 different speeds. Moreover, you can schedule when your lighting display activates to days of the week and even start and stop times during specific days. Use the software to splice multiple sequences together to create the ultimate lighting display and be the envy of your neighbors

The INSTEON PowerLinc Controller V2 as well as INSTEON products are sold separately. Smarthome does not accept returns on any opened software.

Hint: Download the demo version from and start using it today! Order the CD from Smarthome, and use the registration code on the back of the jewel case to unlock the version you have already installed!