Looking for VOIP providers compatible with Microsoft, etc


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I've been using Google Voice since the GrandCentral days, but more often than not, I can't use the phone # when registering an account with companies such as Microsoft. This is most likely due to these type of numbers being flagged as a source of spam, or maybe they're blocking all VOIP numbers.

Anyone aware of VOIP services which don't have this issue? Bonus points if it's SIP, so I can still use my ATA adapter.
Which plan do you have? Does it allow texting? Are you using your Obi, or do you have to use their device?
Which plan do you have?
Premier, Monthly Subscription

Does it allow texting?
Not that I know of.

There is an Ooma phone app

Looks like Ooma office supports sms texting.

Are you using your Obi, or do you have to use their device?

I am using the Ooma device.
I started out with a $10 Ooma credit to cover International calls from Canada. After about 6 years I still have more than $5 left at which point it will automatically "top-up" for the first time from my credit card.

The best part about Ooma phone connections when I quit my 40 year old Bell copper subscription, was watching them beg with prices that went from $80/per month to an offer for $39/month, and then $19/per month, along with some scare tactics about the evils of VoIP.
Have been using Google Voice and several Obi ATAs for many years now, definitely a huge money saver. But I think telcos finally accepted this truth, and some are cutting service, on top of the initial refusing new accounts. Nowadays, my # doesn't get many calls anymore, I just need to figure out a solution for more and more websites refusing to allow Google Voice numbers when forcing phone number registration.
Here do not give any cell phone numbers out or use them for web accounts. I only give my GV number out. I have had the same GV number since the beginning of GV. The cell phones are typically off and if a call comes to one of the cell phones when off it goes to a disconnected message.
That's my issue. Try signing up for a Microsoft account (or ChatGPT), they require a phone number, and you can't use Google Voice. I've run into this other issue with other services as well.
I am running into a similar thing with one of my bank accounts. They require a native (not third party) email account for 2FA. I don't have an email account with my ISP so I have no online access to my account.
When we finally dropped our POTS line a few years ago I used a couple of Obi boxes to set up VOIP with a provider. It's only $1.50 a month per line plus a very small per minute fee (only for outgoing calls IIRC).
And which provider would this be? :) I use Obi gateways as well, but my issue is finding a provider which doesn't have its numbers blocked with services such as Microsoft.
We moved our existing numbers - one from ATT and one from Vonage. Using voip.ms. Got some initial deal through a link on nerdvittles.com.
I have had Ooma for many years, but have had constant problems, and parts just don't work. Like Nomorobo is supposed to be included, its turned on, and it never works. I get calls that Nomorobo says should be blocked, and they are not. Also they use proprietary hardware and I'm on the third "box" in 6+ years.

I think I'm going to switch to VoIP.ms which I hear very good things about. It also should be a fair bit cheaper than Ooma.
Here have Ooma and Obi (GV). Ooma has been fine for me with same box now for ~ 10 years. I have never been able to use touch tones with Ooma for bank and other services. I did try the two line (BT) Ooma option which did not work for me. Never had the touch tone issues with the Obi device. The two phone lines plug in to two Way2Call boxes which do my spam filtering and CID announcements. From the Way2Call boxes the phone lines plug in to a two line Panasonic DECT phone set up.

Also have a 3rd line here which is just a SIM card plugged in to a combination LTE modem (with an RJ11 port).
Yeah I also used the BT Ooma box to add a second line. It was probably 6 feet away but often didn't connect.