M-Audio Delta 1010LT the new version of the 410?


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I happened to come across references to the M-Audio Delta 410, which I know some people were using to create multi-zone audio from MP3's. I happened to check ebay and with shipping the 410's were around $150 (only one being sold in the US).

Considering that, and that the 1010LT isabout $200, and is supported and would support (theoretically) 5 zones of audio, is there anything I am missing here? Granted a little while back it seemed like you could get a 410 for $50-90, with those price differences I'd be a little more inclined to look at that, but for $40-$50 and an extra zone and support, the 1010LT seems to make sense.

Now I don't happen to be looking for one right now, but is the thought process correct above?
www.newegg.com was selling the Delta410 for around $80 new as I recall.. I missed out on the deal and got mine off eBay.
Thank you. It seems ebay prices have gone up. I do remember seeing the lower prices awhile back, but now with shipping many seem to start go get around $150, which is not far from the new price of the 1010LT which I think added another zone and is new/supported fully.

I'm not close on this one and will keep an eye out and watch ebay a bit more.
The M-audio driver allows windows to see each pair of audio outputs as a seperate pair. From there, it depends on the rest of your setup, what other s/w you got. I know that with ZoomPlayer, you can install multiple instances on the same box, and have each one sent to a different M-audio 410 pair of output channels.

You use MainLobby, right? I'd imagine JRMC is the same basic way, allowing you to tie output zones to a specific sound device. Not sure, though.
mdesmarais said:
Are special drivers/software needed when using the 410 for doing multi-zone audio?
The driver/utility that comes with it should let you pair up the channels... then in JRMC just assign them to zones...

Another 410/Delta question-

They have multiple outputs, and some inputs. Is it possible to route the inputs to the outputs, like to bring a tuner in? How about if you have multiple cards, can the input from one be routed to the output of another?



BTW, newegg has them for 85 + 6 shipping right now.
someone over on AVSForum tried something along these lines (check the HomeIntegration subforum). He didn't have much luck, and went with an external ZPR68 switcher.

Found it doing a generic google search.

Thank IVB, I'll take a look. Doesn't seem like it should be rocket science, but if the drivers don't like it, could be tough.

Dang, I looked right at that but since it did not say 410 I never dug deeper, thanks.