Main Lobby, Visibility of a Text Library


I am starting to create my Main Lobby scenes (finally). I'll have some simple rookie questions during this time.

I have the typical Headline News script running in Homeseer and that is assigned a device "v10". I have this text displayed in my Main Lobby scene by placing a "Text.SingleLine" library and assigning it the value {{mlhsplugin_v10}}.

It works like a champ. The problem is with all the latest gory headlines (decapitated bodies and the like) my wife would like a visibility option where she could click a button and toggle between making this text visible and invisible (we have a five year old).

Soooooo, how would I go about doing this? I can't seem to find a visibility option for the library functions in Main Lobby. Maybe I could assign a dummy variable and toggle the Text.SingleLine's transparancy setting based on its value (seems like there should be a simpler solution).


BSR, very shortly you will get a ML update that will allow you to swap a jpg or swf's path when you send a MLServeCmd to MLServer. I tested this and it will do what you want. Basically you would have a "Don't Show News" button (which would be the default state). This would swap a picture over your news Text button and cover the news. Then, you would have a "Show News" button. This would swap a blank.jpg (nonexistent jpg) that would NOT put an image over your news text. Of course, the cover button could be same color as the background, so it would make the text "disapeer" under the camo.

If not clear, I can post a screen shot of this working.

BTW, if you knew the content was "X rated" (and you had some rating value), then Homeseer could be scripted to auto turn on / off the camo. This is where the power of this approach lies - that the graphic image of what appears (or not) can be scripted.

I'm actually testing this as well (connections you know, hehe). I just didn't want to have to create a variable and switch its value, but I guess that's the only way. I'll play with this some more!