MainLobby / DVDLobby Question


Here's my setup..

IBM Server running MainLobby / DVDLobby / MLServer
Installed ZoomPlayer (free version)
Installed Daemon Tools

Ripped a couple movies in ISO format stored locally

Configured DVDLobby Plugin with movie location/cover etc..

ZoomPlayer refuses to play an ISO movie..even if I directly try to play the movie that Daemon Tools has mounted from ZoomPlayer. I get a black screen and no indication the movie is playing or otherwise.

My question is..

Can ZoomPlayer basic really play an ISO movie that's mounted in Daemon Tools?

Am I missing a DVD decoder/Codec or something?

a DVD ISO mounted through Daemon Tools would show as a second DVD drive in your system, so all ZoomPlayer sees is a disc in the drive, it doesn't know it's an ISO (and the ISO is an exact copy of the disc). The only thing I can think of is that it is looking at the wrong drive if you also have a physical DVD drive (So 2 show up in the system when the ISO is mounted). Try playing the mounted iso through Windows Media Player.
Daemon Tools is Drive Z: for me.. I told ZoomPlayer to use Drive Z: and it tries but nothing. I installed WinDVD 6 on my MainLobby plays the mounted movie nicely.

So with the reminder tip about an ISO really just being a tricked DVD drive in Daemon Tools, I tel ZoomPlayer to open Drive shows a black screen and loads the ZoomPlayer website and shows me ZoomPlayer Pro.. HAHAHA!!!

Can MainLobby / DVDLobby use WinDVD instead of ZoomPlayer?
pjohnson, you can use windvd codecs with zoom to play your iso. you have a zoom setup issue. Any reason why you aren't ripping to vob and ifo files using Then you don't need daemon tools.

DVDLobby can't natively use windvd player, at least I haven't read anyone using it and I haven't researched if windvd player can be externally controlled via a comman dline commnad or other.
It looks likeit's just not using any codecs, but I'll just upgrade Zoom PLayer to the Pro version today since it's the only version that supports DVD playback anyway. I use ISO's because thats the method I prefer since it contains the complete DVD incase I want to rercreate the DVD. The only annoying thing is the previews, but once I get this working I'll try to hack that junk out of the ISO image.
You should be able to skip those previews by not selecting them in DVD Decrypter when creating the ISO.