MainLobby w/Television


Hey all. I really like the look of MainLobby and what it is capable of. Until I can afford some wireless monitors (or RDP clients), I was wonder if it was worth it to hook up to my TV for the time being?

Also, if I wanted to get some opinions on some wireless *and* wired clients which I could RDP into my 2k3 server with? What are you guys using out there? I am looking at spending no more than $500.00 a piece.

Lastly, I am trying to find some sites that have information (screenshots, examples, etc...) on Homeseers integration into MainLobby. Information including what can be done, how it can be customized, etc...


I would like to run: Weather, Security Cameras, Phones, Web and Possibly Video through it.

I have seen a lot of screenshots of MainLobby and what can be done with it, but not many of HomeSeer integrated into MainLobby.

Actually you might have seen quite a few screenshots integrated with Homeseer, but didn't realize it as it looks nothing like Homeseer. What you will see is Homeseer data being displayed in MainLobby. Data like turning a MainLobby button to Green as it is ON in Homeseer. Or, your horoscope in MainLobby from a Homeseer script that scraped it off a website and populated a HS device status with the text. The text is then viewed in MainLobby. List goes on and on.
I wanted Main Lobby too, but I didn't want to pay to get that functionality. :D

First, I ran s-video output from my HA machine to my main TV and used a Gyration wireless mouse and keyboard. I then created some graphical screens with HTML and JavaScript which I accessed via a web browser (Firefox) in Kiosk mode. Later, I added a touch screen and low-cost (used) PC (~$550 total) and got it on my wireless network. Of course, I tweaked the screens a bit to make that transition (800x600 to 1024x768).

Examples of my screens (reduced)...

Audio • CID • Music Playlist • Weather